Sunday, November 25, 2007

T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes

T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes palette is my favorite out of all the palettes T'estimo makes. Not only the powder shadows are soft and smooth, they are very decently pigmented. I wear my makeup sheer so I don't mind the pigmentation so much, but I'm sure there are plenty others out there who appreciate a pigmented eye shadow. Oh, and they are very super sparkly, and that just can't go wrong with me :D 

There are 5 palettes available:
- 01 Brown
- 02 Grey
- 03 Beige
- 04 Blue
- 05 Rose

I am reviewing the 03 Beige today. All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

First the technicals. Each palette comes in a really pretty and sleek compact with a gradient color scheme that reflects the color of the palette. There is a mirror inside along with 2 dual-ended applicators, one end with sponge tip and the other with a brush. Each color palette has a base and highlighter shade, a medium crease shade, an intense shimmery top shade, and a liner shade. As mentioned above, these powder shadows are finely milled and thus are very soft and smooth, especially the base and highlighter, which is so soft it almost feels like a drier cream base! And yes, these are fairly pigmented, especially the liner shade!

Since these palettes were released in summer 2006, they bombarded the market with all the pretty ads and TV commercials. I was completely brainwashed of course, and just had to get at least one before moving home from Japan.

Out of the 5, I first picked up 03 Beige:
- Top right: base and highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A very pretty golden champagne. I've seen people calling this shade a cream, but I think it's definitely a powder. It just feels very smooth, that's all.
- Left bar: sparkly top wash, shimmer, very sheer. A beautiful sparkling gold that's on the cooler side despite appearing warmer in the pan.
- Lower middle: medium crease shade, shimmer, medium intensity. A taupey brown that turns slightly warm on me.
- Lower right: liner shade, luminous satin, high intensity. This color is actually a mix of teal and forest green with very fine teal shimmers. I have seen someone described it as "peacock green" and I think that's a very accurate description. Either way, it's very pigmented so I use it with a light hand.

Look how pigmented that peacock green is! Picture taken in natural light without flash.

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