Saturday, November 24, 2007

Canmake Glow Twin Colors

My first Canmake eye shadow! These Glow Twin Colors are very convenient as they aim to provide a quick application on the go for a very fresh and airy look. The Glow Twin Colors are available in 3 shades (bottom to top):

- 01 White Beige
- 02 Gold Pink
- 03 Camel Pink

Canmake Tokyo's website also provided instructions for application as below:

***Pictures from Canmake Tokyo.

Out of the 3 shades, Yuki-chan sent me...
- 02 Gold Pink: a combination of a nude pink, shimmers, and a gold, metallic, both very sheer. The shimmery nude pink is a touch on the cool side as it has silver shimmers. I like it better than the metallic gold, which is rather chunky and isn't as soft or fine. Other than that, it's a nice bright combo for any lazy day :D

Thanks again Yuki-chan!

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