Friday, February 8, 2008

Clinique Glosswear

Have a few of these but I honestly don't like them. They are stickier than Lancome Juicy Tubes and surprisingly don't last. Go figure. And because they are unscented, they actually smell kind of gross. Some things are nice unscented, but others are better masked.

- Whisper: a very pretty shimmery cloud pink. Colorless on my lips but make them very very glossy.

- Sunset: A beige nude with a lilac sheen, similar to Lancome Juicy Tube in Pink Horizon, only the lilac is not as pronounced. Gives my lips a natural but bronzy look.

- Air Kiss-Cherry: this is actually a Glosswear Swirls, as you can see the pale frosty pink swirls are still somewhat intact. The two colors mix together into a perfectly sheer cherry red. I do like the color a lot, if it weren't for the yucky chemical smell...

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