Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sephora Round-a-Pout Lip Gloss

I've only tried the Sephora brand lip glosses, but I think they're pretty decent. I was expecting cheap crap, but they turned out to be smooth, non-sticky, pretty pigmented, and lasted for a good long while. I really doubt they'll pass my Gym test, then again I haven't tried so I don't know!

Anyway, I was in love the moment I saw these Round-a-Pout lip glosses - the concept of lip glosses in a ball is just too cute to resist! There were many color sets at the time, but I chose the Love Pout, which consists of 4 warm-toned pink-orange-red shades:

My favorite half is the Orange-Pink: The orange is translucent and beautiful! It actually doesn't look orange but turns a bit peachy coral on my lips. I love it! The pink is even cuter even though it's a bit opaque. I'd have to blend well when I wear this color, but afterwards it would melt into my natural lip color and turns it a bit bubblegum pink! I thought I'd look like a tween-wannabe wearing this shade but it actually looks really natural and cute!

The other half is Red-Berry: This half I'm more wary about as both are very potent colors. The red I could pull off on braver days (and easy application) but the berry -wooh!- off the chart for me! I know it looks like a darker red, but it turns a really really bright raspberry pink on me and wow, I looked like a clown no matter how little I put on...Oh well, I still love the other 3 colors so no complains here.

There was a while when Sephora had this on sale for $2 a piece (from $9) so I literally bought 10 and gave them out to my sister and my friends. And usually, my sister is very very cautious with brighter glosses, but she turned out to love the Love Pout also, which was a huge surprise for me as I was so sure she'd to come back and say, "Urgh, what were you thinking?" She even bought a bunch too for her friends!! Hah!


(g)ezebel said...

sephora's eyeshadows aren't too bad, either. :0)

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel!

Oh...hmm...well then! *zooms over to Sephora to check 'em out* :D They're so affordable, why not, right?

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