Saturday, May 31, 2008

B&C Laboratories Lip & Moist Creams

B&C Laboratories is a Japanese brand and formerly known as Sony CP. I had no idea of this brand previously though, until I stumbled upon their ridiculously cute lip and moist creams. The moist creams are for hands, feet, wherever you feel like some moisturizing, and they are about twice the size of the lip creams. They are not meant for facial use.

The prices run $7-14 for the moist creams and $5-8 for the lip creams depending on where you buy, so these aren't exactly cheap. But I buy them for their packaging anyway :P You bet I won't be throwing these pots out after I'm done with the creams. They're just too freakin' cute, not to mention they'll provide nifty storage for many other creams I own. Goodbye boring old tubes!

- Apuru chan Moist Cream: the cream is packaged in an apple-shaped pot and smells good enough to eat - I love the scent of apples!!! By all means this cream is no intensive hand treatment, but it moisturizes my super dry skin well, absorbing fast and completely without that greasy feeling.

- Apuru chan Lip Cream: Smells soooooo good, like a fresh apple on your lips! The lip cream itself is wax based, but it's incredibly soft and not at all waxy! It also gives shine to my lips, like a balmy lip shine. If you like the "Water Lips" lip balms in the twist up sticks in Japan (of various brands), you will LOVE this lip cream. It gives your lips that "wet" feeling, only it is thicker in consistency and has great staying power.

As with all the lip treatments I like, I gave this lip cream my "overnight test," and it passed with a "B," meaning I don't wake up with moist lips, but not with dry and peeling lips either. Mind you, only a few passed this test of mine, and they are all oil-based, so this wax-based lip cream is quite a trooper. Considering I'm a side sleeper and roll around a lot in my sleep, this stuff has got to have real staying power to not dry up my lips after I've smashed my face against the pillow all night! See my gradings below.
- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm: A+ *MUAH* mon amour!
- Rosebud Perfume Company Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm: A-
- Rosebud Perfume Company Smith's Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm and Lancome Juicy Gelee (yes, I wear this to bed with the exception of the shimmery Diamond Tiara!): tie with a B+
- B&C Lab Apuru chan Lip Cream: B - not so bad for a wax-based lip balm!

Apuru chan Moist vs. Lip Creams, just for comparison's sake.

- Kumomo chan Moist Cream: also smells fresh and delicious! And I just adore the peach-shaped pot! However, this moist cream is a lot thinner in consistency in comparison to the apple moist cream, almost gel like! To that effect, it is also a lighter moisturizer, but still good.

- Kumomo chan Lip Cream: likewise, this lip cream is also much thinner in consistency in comparison to the apple lip cream. Actually, I'm shocked this peach lip cream is not oil-based because it feels identical to the Rosebud Perfume Company's original Smith's Rosebud Salve! Unfortunately, this means it also doesn't last very long for me, as with the Rosebud Salve. Oh well, still nice.

Kumomo chan Moist vs. Lip Creams

- Mikan chan Moist Cream: similar thickness and texture to the apple moist cream. Very nice. I like the mandarin orange scent a lot!

- Mikan chan Lip Cream: another wax-based lip balm to pass my overnight test with a B. Yippee!!

Mikan chan Moist vs Lip Creams.


Anonymous said...

I've seen these at my japanese grocery store and have always wondered how well they work.
I think i might give them a try!
Thank you

D. said...

hi Anonymous!

Lucky you to have a Japanese grocery store!!! I'd die for one where I am! To that effect, yes, please do enjoy all the goodness the Japanese grocery store have :D I would heartily recommend the Apuru chan lip cream, if you like apple, or if you prefer a thinner consistency, try the Kumomo chan! They smell soooooo good!

domo's wife said...

gah, i cant find them online anywhere! where did you buy those? i want them so bad now >__< and the pots are adorable..

D. said...

Hi Dasha!


Enjoy :) Those pots ARE adorable!

domo's wife said...

thank you so much!

by the way, i love your blog. :P i dont know why, but its interesting to read makeup reviews. and on your suggestion i bought 6 pots of beauty rush soothing lip balm. i really can't say im disappointed (:

D. said...

Hi Dasha!

You are so very welcome :) I love sharing goodies with other people. It's the reason I started this blog, and I'm glad you enjoy reading it.

Hooray!!! I'm so glad to hear you are not disappointed! May I count you as another VS Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm convert? :D My sister and I just LOVE that stuff, especially right before bed.

Jiny said...

Hi there ^-^*
I am on a crazy search for the Kumomo chan Lip & Hand Cream.

I bought the Apple and Pear on my trip to Hong Kong at Sasa three months ago and know they also carry the lemon and tangerine but dont remember seeing the peach =(

My sister will be going to Japan next month so can you tell me the store you can get it at, or even better if you know if they carry the Kumono chan in HK because a friend will be going this week.

It'd be much appreciated if you can help, Thank you/Arigato*^-^*

D. said...

Hi Jiny,

I am afraid kumomo chan has been discontinued in Japan. I got mine from too a couple of years ago, but they don't carry kumomo chan anymore.

However, have you tried Ebay? I don't know where you're located, but I just did a search for "Sony C&P peach lip cream" and found several for sale!

I hope this helps!

Jiny said...

Hi Dalenna,

Wow you bought yours couple years ago? And I just found out about em =P
I am curious to why they discontinued the Peach one in Japan.

I've tried looking on ebay as well as other sites that claim they sell the Kumomo can lip cream but it's either old posts or just don't sell no more.

Anyways thanks for the quick reply and I'll be visiting your blog more for updates =)

Candace Lynn Grubbs said...

ugh i'm going crazy trying to find the peach one and of course i cant find any for sale just all the other ones.

D. said...

Hi mama grubbs,

Yes unfortunately they have discontinued Kumomo chan (peach)! Although they do come out with a new flavor once a year or so, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they might bring it back, or at least something similar :)

Anonymous said...

The peach is in the same containers as the tonymoly brand!!

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