Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lancome Juicy Gelee Part II

After the Lancome Juicy Gelee in Fruit Punch, I decided I've got to have more of these on hand. Unfortunately, Lancome has discontinued them, so most colors are no longer available and you'll have to get them from Ebay.

Just like the Juicy Tubes, these Juicy Gelees have nice colors but their flavors are totally hit or miss. May be it's a Lancome thing. I do love their texture and how moisturizing they are though, so I guess I'll just have to put up with the less than stellar flavors. Good thing they don't have a taste. Yuck. Also, although they have different colors, they all go on sheer, so the colors are pretty much just for show :D

- Fruit Punch: my first Juicy Gelee

- Lemond Twist: there's nothing lemony about this one aside from the fact that it's a beautiful and cheery yellow. However, there's definitely a twist - it smells like an overwhelming old lady's perfume. Actually, I think it's the scent of orange blossom, but either way, ick! I was very tempted to toss it out, but I stuck with it a while and the flavor lightened up substantially after several uses. It still smells like an old lady's perfume, only a bit more tolerable.

- Pink Lollipop: now this is what I'm talking about - my favorite flavor ever! I like this flavor the best, even better than Fruit Punch! Actually, it's the exact same flavor (and color!) as the Juicy Tubes in Daiquiri, sweet and sugary, yum! I love it!

- Crown Jewel: now this flavor surprises me. It's a very light grapefruit scent and to think of it, the color reminds me of red grapefruit too!

- Diamond Tiara: When this one arrived in the mail, I thought, "Crap..." Generally, I prefer my lip glosses without any shimmers at all. Of course, that doesn't prevent me from owning a gazillion of shimmery glosses, but I do try my best to avoid them. Of course, I didn't expect Diamond Tiara to have any shimmers. Of all the pictures I looked at, I couldn't tell whether or not it has any, but I took a risk a bought it anyway and, well, it turns out to have loads of them! Grr... Good thing the shimmers were very very fine and didn't affect the texture of the gloss at all (lots of shimmers usually makes the gloss feels grainy and not as smooth). It also has similarly sweet flavor as the Pink Lollipop, which is definitely nice.

See my previous Lancome Juicy Gelee post.


(g)ezebel said...

curious: do you use a lip brush to apply this or just your finger?

i love these kinds of pots, but i always get stuff in my fingernails.

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel!

To be honest, I use my fingers - I don't have long nails, and I only use these Juicy Gelees at home before going to bed, right after I've washed up and everything is nice and clean :D Sounds kind of strange, but these glosses are so moisturizing and comfortable I wear them like a night lip treatment! Also, they have no colors whatsoever so I don't worry about them getting on my pillows and beddings at all.

Other than that I wouldn't recommend using these on the run without a brush, precisely because you'll have to dig into them...

Anonymous said...

They sell the juicy gelee in Sephora!!! Only four colors left though.. I was looking for more online and saw that they are discontinued!!!

Dalenna said...

Hi there Anonymous!

Yep! I just looked on Sephora too and found 6 colors now!!! May be they just added 2 more colors? There are lot on Ebay too, but you'll have to be careful or you'll end up with a stale one. Personally I'd recommend 3 flavors: Fruit Punch, Pink Lollipop and Crown Jewel. I didn't like the Lemon Twist at all - too strongly perfumed - YUCK!

awsomeanna said...

hi i have the kiwi kick and i love it have you tried that one yet?

Dalenna said...

hi awsomeanna,

i have not tried that one yet. what does it smell like? ever since the Lemon Twist weirdness i'm kind of...scared :D since you said it's good though, i'll definitely give it a try :D

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