Friday, February 5, 2010

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Pool Party Lip & Cheek Pop

I got these Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Pool Party Lip & Cheek Pop (what a long winded name!!!) last summer. It wasn't a hard decision on my part, since these copied the super cute Stila Color Push-up's packaging. Also, prior to spotting these VS ones I found out Stila Color Push-ups have been discontinued (at least I don't see them on Stila's website anymore...), so yeah, I went for them and bought all 3 colors available, thinking they might make decent substitutes.

Peach Pop

Pink Splash

Berry Cooler

Well, turned out they didn't make good substitutes at all. The two formulas were totally different. Where as the Stila ones were more of a blend-able cream-t0-powder, the VS ones were more like thin stains. They didn't blend well on my cheeks, and they dried really fast. So if I wasn't careful or if I didn't know exactly what I was doing, these VS Lip & Cheek Pops would make me look like a clown and I'd have to start over. These were not much better as lip stains either. Because they dried so quickly, my lips ended up with uneven colors. Let's just say eating a popsicle would have produced a better effect.

- Peach Pop: it looked more like neon orange in natural light, but somehow turned up neon coral in the picture :) Unfortunately, it also applied a neon coral too. My least favorite out of the 3 colors.

- Pink Splash: this was actually my favorite color out of the bunch. It looked a super hot and bright pink in natural light as well as in the picture, but it applied a demure and sheer bubblegum pink. This was the easiest color for me to wear with the lowest risk of giving me a clown face.

- Berry Cooler: this applied exactly as it looks in the picture, a translucent violet. It was pretty, just a tad too cool for me.

Anyway, upon application these VS Lip & Cheek Pop all had this cooling sensation, which led me to suspect heavy alcohol content that will dry the product out after a while. To test this, I didn't post the review for these right away after my several weeks of use last June. I just rotated them out and planned to check back on them after a month or so to see if they would dry up, then I would post my review with conclusion. Mind you, I didn't purposely leave them out uncapped to dry or left them in the boiling sun or anything. I simply put them back into my cabinet with all my other cosmetic items.

So why is this review appearing now, half a year later? Because I forgot :X Yeah, I left the post as Draft and totally forgot about it. Sorry...

But hey, at least my theory is correct and all 3 VS Lip & Cheek Pop are shriveled up and as dry as dough now! I had to rub pretty hard, crushing 2 of them just to get some color on my finger. The bottom of the tubes say they should last 12 months after opening, but nope, they didn't even make it past 6 months. So yeah, my conclusion is that these are crap, unfortunately. And just so you know, the Stila Color Push-ups are still doing just fine. Considering I bought them back in late 2007, that's impressive! It's just really really too bad Stila discontinued them, or I would have collected one of every color.

Anyway, so here's the fate of the VS Lip & Cheek Pop after 6 months. Sad, huh?

Peach Pop

Pink Splash

Berry Cooler

Guess what, I checked VS's website the other day and found that they have newer versions of these called the Lip & Cheek Tint. To check them out in person I even made a trip to the store and was told they were actually reformulated to work better on the lips this time around. We'll see about that, but I'm happy that at least they are still in the same super cute Stila knock-off packaging. And being super curious to know how the new formula will perform, I bought them again in all 3 colors :D I'm a total irredeemable sucker, am I? I guess I'll update this post after another good trial of the new ones.

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Mischievous Mack said...

That's riddiculous! Unless things include fresh ingredients (I'm thinking of Lush masks...) then a product should go bad unusable so quickly! What a shame you bought all 3 colors.

Dalenna said...

Hi Mischievous Mack,

Yeah. I was bummed to see their fate but didn't learn my lesson and bought more of the newer version. We'll see how long those will last...sigh...

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