Saturday, May 15, 2010

NYX Duping B&C Lab Lip Creams?!?

Oh no they didn't! They couldn't! Knocking of those ridiculously cute little fruity tuitty packaging of the B&C Lab Lip Creams? Noooo!

Then I saw this - GASP!!! <*O*>

Oh yes they did...down to Mikan chan's green nub!!!

They did it alright, even poor La France couldn't escape the fate, although their Apuru chan looks a bit, umm, *plump* ^.^

***Pictures from NYX.

But hey, I guess this is sorta good news for those who's been going crazy trying to find the now-discontinued Kumomo chan (Peach), right? Plus instead of paying $6-8 for each B&C lip cream, you'll get all 4 flavors for $9 from NYX! Oh yeah, and the glosses, as NYX calls it, all look like they have color in them instead of being just completely clear lip treatment creams. I'm not exactly tempted to try them though, so I can't say a thing about their quality, fragrance, texture, or how they measure up to the "real" things :P

Actually, now that I think about it, I remember seeing another dupe of these B&C Lab Lip Creams from yet a different brand, an Asian brand, perhaps a Korean or a Taiwanese brand, I don't really remember too well. If I run into it again, I'll post an update :)


miss wiggle said...

LOL. Dunno why they're duping B&C.. especially since these balms are not in the style of NYX. Cute and colorful and fun packaging? Nope. That ain't NYX.

D. said...

Nice observation, miss wiggle!

You're totally right! NYX stuff are very practical and to the point looking, so for them to go for the cute and frilly packaging is out of character.

Anonymous said...

hmm but they're not exactly the same- the originals have better detail, especially with the stalks of the fruit :D

D. said...

Hi anonymous!

I agree!!! and like miss wiggle said, it's just weird to see NYX trying to be cute ^.^

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

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