Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Another video and some photos for your enjoyment since I don't have enough time for a real post with pictures!

My sister had wanted to go to Edo Wonderland, a theme park built to look like old Edo and people dress up in period costumes and experience how it's like in old time Japan. However, we decided to stick around closer to Tokyo and Kanagawa and Edo Wonderland's all the way in Nikko. So we compromised and picked a sort-of Edo themed onsen (well, more like a sento, since none of the baths are actual natural sulfur hot spring water) called Oedo Onsen. Plus after reading this post from Nic Nic, I was convinced my sister would enjoy this place and I was right! Actually, we all did lots of relaxing there and enjoyed our time immensely! I will definitely post pictures from our visit to Oedo Onsen as soon as I have a moment to breath.

Anyway, on the way there, we got to ride on this fantastic train ride from Shimbashi Station to the Telecom Center Station right outside of the Oedo Onsen. The train is above ground, and you get a beautiful view of the famed Tokyo Rainbow Bridge and a glimpse of the Tokyo Towerand of Ginza as well! Unfortunately, my camera battery died at the most opportune moment and so this video is taken with my sister's camera. This video was taken on our trip back after dark, of course, since it was still earlier in the afternoon when we got there.

Watch our train as it loops around after emerging from underneath the bridge (yes, the bridge has 2 levels, automobile upper, train + even more automobiles lower!).

Here's a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower all lit up at night.

Happy New Year!!!

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