Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lancome Effacil

Been using a deluxe GWP of this Lancome Effacil. This is supposedly a gentle eye makeup remover, and to be honest, it's too gentle and not as effective as my good ol' favorite and reliable Bi-Facil. This Effacil is similarly fragranced as Bi-Facil with a strong rosy scent, but other than that there are no similarities between the two.

***Picture from Lancome USA.

Effacil is a simple liquid eye makeup remover and it doesn't have any layers of silicones. I can see why it's gentle, and unlike Bi-Facil I like that I don't have to clean off any excess liquid with a tissue since it would dry up instead of leaving my eye area oily.

However, that said without that silicone layer it's not as effective for an eye makeup remover. With Bi-Facil I just have to use 1 cotton swab per eye to remove all eye makeup, basically 1 end to remove the bulk of the makeup and the other to clean up. But with this Effacil, I have to use more than 2 cotton swabs per eye, meaning it takes about 3-4 times the effort (and cotton swabs/balls/pads!) to remove the makeup before I can even clean up! To me, this takes away the whole point of the supposedly gentle eye makeup remover, since I had to (gently) rub my eyes and lids more and for longer to get the makeup off. Back to Bi-Facil I go.

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