Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes Shopping ^.^

...For hubby, that is :P He happily went with me but begrudgingly looked at the shoes as if they were a great burden. Getting him to try on a pair was like pulling teeth! +.+

I guess this is just how some men (and women!) are when it comes to shopping, although if that is the case I really have to wonder how they get any piece of clothing on themselves! I'm quite sure clothes and shoes don't walk themselves to anyone's house...

Anyway, we intended to get him a pair of casual boots to keep his feet and ankle warm, ...and somehow ended up with a pair of Men's Tenoras sneakers instead! Hey, at least the original mission was successful ^.^

These sneakers are a great pick though! I've never heard of this brand before, but the shoes look well made with very neat and even stitches, and smooth (synthetic) leather-like material. It is very light, and hubby says it has decent arch support and is comfy. Phew!

Don't let this innocent face fool you. He's super duper picky!

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