Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Day of Work in Tokyo :)

Now that I'm working, I'm even further behind on my posts... :(

But here's a picture of my first day of work in Tokyo ^.^ It's a long commute for me, almost 2 hours by train, not all of it actually on the train of course, there's lot of walking between transfers too. Damn, I still can't believe some of the women commute in stilettos! My heels were 1-inch kitten heels and by the end of the day, I wanted to kill them because my feet were in so much pain!!!

Anyway, I haven't shared what my outfits with you guys for a long time, so here's one I wore to work :P Boring, but whatever.

- Wool hat: Uniqlo (lurvvv Uniqlo!)
- Sheath dress: Banana Republic
- Blouse: Banana Republic
- Tank top: Gap
- Camisole: Aeropostale
- Wool blazer: Gap
- Bag: Nine West
- Belt: Jcrew
- Tights: Express
- Heels: Nine West

And yes, I was wearing makeup, with some new things I haven't reviewed too! Will get to those later...I hope.

- Lavshuca Face Powder in Lucent (will review soon!)
- FANCL Cheek Color in Peach Pink

- Lavshuca Noble On Color Eyes in a mix of BR-1 and OR-1 (will review soon!)

- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine in Citrusmint (which I applied after the photo was taken and my lips in the picture were naked with nothing on!)

And if you're wondering who took the pictures, yes, hubby went with me down to Tokyo on my first day of work. The train commute had complicated transfers and if you've ever traveled by train in Tokyo, you'll know that it's a crazy endless maze. Makes perfect sense, since Tokyo is such a massive metropolis! But yeah, my sweetheart hubby went with me to make sure I know where I'm going and not get lost on my first day ^.^ I feel so loved! Plus he had always wanted to spend a day in Tokyo just walking around and exploring. He ended up spending the day at the Tokyo Imperial Garden, because they don't let people into the Imperial Palace, of course xD

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