Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooling down a bit (finally!)

It's been cooling down just a tiny bit around here, phew! I thought I was going to melt and shrink. It's too bad we can't burn off calories with just heat-induced (and not exercise haha) sweating...

A second typhoon is hitting Tokyo and we are finally able to turn off our AC again (the last typhoon was a few weeks ago when it cooled down for a few days too). Let's hope this time the cooler days are here to stay, though I should be careful what I wish for. I remember last year, the summer to fall change seemed to happen within a week, and one week we were sweating buckets the next week we froze our butts off. Just can't win with the weather.

And cooler weather means I can finally pull out my -tahdah- sweat sarouel pants again ^.^ I actually own a few pairs but have only worn one pair back in May, which started my debate with hubby about whether these Aladdin/harem -or according to this blogMC Hammer pants *giggles* are pjs or pants that are appropriate to step out in. This time, to my surprise hubby didn't protest my choice of outfit much. He actually thought they didn't look so bad xD

- Hat: Express
- Scarf: Old Navy
- Shirt: Express
- Camisole: Aeropostale
- Bag: Nine West
- Bottom: Express
- Knee high socks: Nine West
- Shoes: Nine West

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