Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rainy Days and Sundays...

...Always get me down...

So what do I do but go out for dinner? Hubby hated what I wore, so I just had to share LOL xD No makeup either.

- Hat: JCrew
- Short sleeve turtleneck: Alloy
- Camisole: Aeropostale
- Jacket: Express
- Bottom: Express
- Ankle leggings: Uniqlo
- Bag: Nine West
- Shoes: Nine West


Melanie M said...

What didn't your hubby like about the outfit? I think it's unique and cute!

D. said...

Haha thanks Melanie! Hubby thinks I'm wearing pjs, and we have a running disagreement on whether or not they're actually pjs xD

Melanie M said...

They can only be defined as pj's if you have, at any given time, actually slept in them. If the problem is that he simply thinks they LOOK like pj's, well then he will just have to get over it lol!!

D. said...

Nope, never ever slept in long pjs. I'm a shorts gal. haha now I have one more argument over his! Thanks Melanie xD

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