Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet March 2011

Sweet March 2011 issue comes with a red plaid Kitson tote and matching pouch set.

The tote and pouch are made of polyester and has no pockets, no lining, but the inner seams are covered.

The tote measures 22.5(height) x 27.5(length) x 10.5(width) cm and the pouch measures 10(length) x 16(height) cm.

The polyester material is thick and sturdy, but the craftsmanship of the tote can use some improvement.

For example, the seams around the tote's handles are all mangled. For a freebie, it's okay, but of course I've had much much better made freebies so I guess I'm just totally spoiled ^.^

The inside of the tote.

The inside of the pouch.

Picture of the model with the freebie tote and pouch set.

More spring-y clothes.

More shoes!

I think I've found a Photoshop faux-pas. I swear Rinka has boobs (or at least the appearance of boobs) the last time I saw photo of her!!!

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