Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wiener Tacos anyone?

Woh it's May!!!

In late April I decided it was too much work to have to manage 2 different blogs so I am merging my other Japan blog with this one ^.^ That's why I changed the blog name, because the blog content is expanding yet again. I wanted to change the blog URL too, but that would totally mess up all the linkings I've done in my posts (and yours too!) and that's just too much to fix...So yeah, you're going to start seeing food and cooking contents as well as travel pictures and randomness from my other blog xD

And to start I present you a typical flyer for food delivery I get in the mail almost every day. Usually it's Japanese food or pizza, but this time to my surprise it's...erh...not Mexican food, not even Tex-mex, but Japanese-mex, which is an interesting combination. Check out that wiener taco on the second page ^.^ I might just order something one of these days if I'm desperate enough for anything that resembles Mexican food...

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