Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Philosophy Miracle Worker

Philosophy Miracle Worker is unfortunately not quite miraculous for me. Good thing it was only deluxe travel size 0.4 oz and even then, I ended up using it as hand cream.

According to the product page on Sephora, this cream really does sound like a miracle. No fragrance, no dye, paraben and sulfate free, none of the iffy stuff, and yet it clogged my pores like crazy, and only around the mouth area too, especially my laugh lines. I was getting black heads and bumps that I've never ever gotten before, and for a while I was mystified as what was causing my pores to clog so badly like this. So I experimented with all the skincare items I was using at the time (back in January), stopping other items and focused on only 1 thing at a time in order to pinpoint the culprit.

***Picture from Philosophy.

Alas, it was this cream. The black heads and bumps went away after I stopped using this cream, and I was so incredulous I repeated the process a couple of times. Each time I started using this cream, the black heads and bumps came back and would only go away again when I stopped using it. As you can see, I liked this cream, and I didn't wanted to believe it was clogging my pores. After all, it went on really smoothly and makes my skin velvety soft. It was very light and yet moisturizing, and it paired well underneath my Allie sunscreen. I ended up using the rest of the tube on my hands, and it made my hands velvety smooth too. Oh well, it's really too bad. At least the bright side is that I won't have to shell out $55 for this cream :P

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