Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sonia Rykiel Beauty Official Book 2010

I'm not really into Sonia Rykiel, but her Beauty Official Book 2010 came with a cool canvas tote so I grabbed it. And yes, this is one of those 2010 mooks I never got around to posting until now.

The canvas tote measures 37.5 (height) x 37 (length) x 9 (width). It is black with red lip prints and glued on beads that reads "SR" for Sonia Rykiel ^.^

The back side.

Sorry for the brightness of the photo. I hadn't quite figured out how to use my camera when these photos were taken, so some pictures were overexposed and some are super dark. Sigh...

The tote has no closure but does have 1 pocket inside. And it is lined with red cotton cloth xD love it!

A nicely sized tote, right?

Some pictures of Sonia Rykiel makeup.

All in all, I found the cosmetics lineup a tad boring with the exception of these 2 powder compacts. The problem is that they also lost an arm and a leg, and you already know I'm quite impatient with high priced anything, so I'm not about to run out and buy these anytime soon.

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