Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mini June 2011

Ack it's already 2/3 of July!!! Feels like I've been running a marathon trying to catch up with my magazines T.T

This is Mini June 2011 issue that came with a set of 2 HeadPorter Plus pouches, for gadgets, accessories, makeup and whatnot.

I really like it that the pouches have brown animal (leopard?) print on nude background, complete with hot pink zipper with matching lining. Very girly!

The round pouch measures 11(height) x 17(length) x 7(width) cm, and the rectangular pouch measures 13.5(height) x 8.5(length) x 4(width) cm.

Both are made of polyester and are perfect purse size, in my opinion.

The rectangular pouch is just a bit larger than my hand.

The round pouch is larger than my hand and has a roomy base.

Best of all, I've scored yet another very very well made set of pouches with perfectly even and clean stitchings! Woohoo!

Both of the pouches are lined with hot pink and cross print polyester fabric. Their inner seams are all covered.

The round pouch has 2 extra pockets on 1 side and yet another mesh compartment on the other side. So nice!

This issue was fun to look at too, though mostly because of the hilarious cartoons at the bottom.

2 Models, 10 days of outfit.
- 1st Day: white lacy one-pieces (dresses, really) versus baggy jeans.

- 2nd Day: denim tunics/shirt dresses versus sweat sarouel pants (aka Aladdin pants, harem pants, or according to this blog, MC Hammer pants - LOL!). Yet another magazine on my side of the argument, though with this new MC Hammer pants moniker can sort of I see why hubby didn't like my outfit. But hey, if MC Hammer can rock it, so can I!!!
- 3rd Day: Peter Pan collar one pieces versus high-waisted shorts.
- 4th Day: printed Maxi dresses (urgh, I can't believe people aren't wincing when they hear this name...) versus white denim shorts.

- 5th Day: t-shirt and tank dresses (the magazine calls it "boys maxi," but let's not go there...) versus kabocha pants (fashion bloomers).
- 6th Day: stripe tunics and shirt dresses versus boyfriend jeans.
- 7th Day: dot print dresses versus grunge (destruct wash) skinny jeans.

- 8th Day: t-shirt dresses versus chinos.
- 9th Day: shirt dresses versus jeans with biker(?) details.
- 10th Day: flower print dresses versus grunge (more like destruct wash and cut-off) denim shorts.

I do have to say I like this outfit very much! The cropped boxy red polka dot t-shirt looks very breezy and light in the heat and humidity of the summer. I'm not sure I would wear jeans in this weather, but I'd definitely go for shorts or a skirt.

The next few pages features personal styles from 2 prominent models: Emi Suzuki and Miho Tanaka.

More summer sandals

Different ways of styling/wearing certain pieces, and I'm not sure they asked random strangers on the street to show off their personal styles or they took pictures of models on the street and made it look "street-snappy." Because it would be pretty amazing that a random gal on the street of Japan can be so stylish, but I must say the gals here, be they young or old, are pretty damn stylish to begin with!

Model party styles

Party street snaps.

But never mind those fashion pages. It's these next pages are what made this magazine worth while for me. I laughed my ass off...and then chuckles away at the blatant sexism, which is, well, not any different than that in the magazines at home. Ha. Actually, now that I think about it, Japanese men are pretty high maintenance themselves, at least for those in the city (I do acknowledge that I'm generalizing here, so don't bite my head off). I've seen countless men with groomed eyebrows and shaven arms (I kid you not!) here, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them even have their very own vanity. From this perspective, I guess it's not that unusual that they expect the women to be nothing less than cleanly shaven with perfectly glistening skin given they subject themselves to the same standards, sort of.

And seriously, do us gals really want to compete with this guy? (Notice I didn't say for...) Click here for more evidence we have collectively failed to out-pretty Takizawa Hideaki. Or better yet, just Google him. Doesn't he look like he just walked out of Final Fantasy?
***Picture from this website.

But I digressed. Behold, you guys, the many ways to scare the beejesus out of a Japanese guy. If you've got skills, you might even be able to squeeze some precious man-tears from him (according to this magazine).

Left picture: hairy arms.
Right picture, top to bottom: chapped lips, bacne, sweaty armpits (shall I throw in BO too?), raggedy cuticles, rough elbows and knees, arm and leg hair, rough elbows and knees, and cracked heels.

Sweaty armpits and possible BO.


Bloating and cellulite.

OMG they're comparing her elbow to an elephant's!

And her cellulite(?) to tree barks!

Chapped lips.

And cracked heels so rough they can be used to grate daikons, a job that's usually delegated to a shark skin board!

Raggedy cuticles. That's it folks, though these are so funny I wish they came up with more ways to make a girl into a Stepford wife, just so I can giggle before that finger flips. Hmm, I wonder how these guys will ever survive a trip to Europe... :P

Anyhoo, here's an article on Oguri Shun again.

More funny cartoons, only of products conquering their supposed enemies.


Anonymous said...

sheeeez, these jap. magazines know how to make one even more self-conscious of her own body times a million. :( i think i have half of those 'put-offs'....definitely no jap male will even look at me. LOL

other than that....nice magazine! some styles are actually wearable for those who arent 15 years old...LOL i'll skip the bloomers, maxidress and mc hammer pants though. ;)


D. said...

Hi d,

LOL I'd say the men here will make you feel just as self-conscious!!! I swear they must have spent twice the time I take to get ready xD

That's what I like about Japanese fashion I think, lots of layers and very wearable. I'd actually want to try on a pair of bloomers, though I suspect it would make me look like a joker ^.^


Anonymous said...

LOL, D. i agree...bloomers are cute. *hides in shame* if i was in JP, i'd probably wear it in public cause i know i can get away with it. here in US....no way. ;D

D. said...

Hi d,

You're absolutely right in that because the fashion sense in Japan is quirky, you have more room to be creative and expressive. The downside is that if you're anything less than stylish you'll get "the look." It can get stuffy, trust me.


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