Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keawjal (Thai Cuisine) Part II

Happy August!!!

Went back to Keawjal for lunch recently and to my utter delight, they served up cendol!! Cendol (bánh lọt, 珍多冰) is a popular dessert in Southeast Asia that is sadly only found along with larger population of Southeast Asians (Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) in places like California and Texas. It is made of rice starch with green coloring and flavor from the Pandan leaves and is usually eaten in a concoction of coconut milk and palm sugar, though it makes appearance in a wide variety of puddings and sweet dessert soups in Southeast Asia.

Of course being served cendol alone did not win me over. Authentic cendol has to be perfectly chewy and jelly-like in addition to having the that unique pandan flavor. I took a bite and sure enough the Pandan flavor was there, although the cendol was neither chewy or have enough of that jelly-like texture. But that's okay, I know cendol is hard to get right and so I won't be too nit-picky with them ^.^

I ordered a Pad Thai lunch set, but my Pad Thai turned out too sweet as if the cook had accidentally spilled sugar into it. Ack!

See my previous Keawjal (Thai Cuisine) post.

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