Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shanghai Square

It's been that time of the year, as in the peak season of my work, and when this time comes usually our regularly home-cooked diet is out the window. Yep, it's delivery time!!! Haa...what do I do without my hubby? ^.^

Everyday around lunch or dinner time, my neighborhood is rumbling with delivery scooters, anything from pizza to ramen to Chinese food to trusty good ol' Japanese food. One particular scooter we see zipping back and forth constantly was Shanghai Square, a delivery-only service for restaurant-style Chinese food. During a walk through the nearby park, hubby stopped by their delivery junction and asked for the menu. We spent a good half an hour perusing through the myriad choices and decided on a course dinner for 3 (we were hungry!). Hubby called and half an hour later our food showed up ^.^

We paid about 5,000yen for all this food, which was a freaking deal in Japanese standard. Had we dined out, we would have paid around the same per person!

The course we ordered came with:
- Cold chicken salad, which was delicious! I'm usually not a salad person, but I enjoyed that salad!
- A generous portion of shrimp fried rice, which was a standard fried rice fare, but yummy nonetheless.
- Shrimp in chili sauce, another standard Chinese fare, but was decent.
- Sichuan mapo tofu. Surprisingly, I didn't like this dish at all. I love spicy food and would normally chow down anything with Sichuan in its name but this dish was a let down. Not only it was not spicy, it was way too strong and tasted like tofu in Chinese medicine. Bleargh.
- Chicken and cashew stir fry. Both of us loved this dish and it disappeared in a flash ^.^
- 3 Servings of almond tofu (almond jelly dessert). This was more a creamy milk jelly than almond tofu, being too creamy and didn't have enough almond flavor. Wasn't the best almond tofu I've had, but hubby enjoyed it a lot more than I did.

We'll probably order again on another lazy...erhh...busy day :P


Anonymous said...

5k yen per dish at dine-out ??!!! *faints* that is crazy!
yea, you definitely had a good deal with that nice large meal. :D i prefer take-out...nice to stay at home, relax with family while eating something you didnt cook in your comfy pajamas. LOL


D. said...

hi d.,

no oh, i meant 5k yen per person, i'll edit that in a bit to clarify. but a US$120 dinner for 2 is still pretty expensive.

lol if you faint for a 5k yen dish, you'll be in a coma for a 5k yen cantaloupe or watermelon. i kid you not.


Anonymous said...

wow, D! iiiiinsane expensive in Tokyo! probably most expensive place to live in the whole world? i heard NYC was expensive but i didnt think so when i was there visiting. yes, $120 dinner for 2 is pricey! 5k cantalope?! 0_0 i'll just eat seawood and rice there, and go fishing myself. LOL


D. said...

Hi d.,

Not everything is insanely expensive in Japan, but fruits are definitely a luxury item, particularly those imported like most types of melon (cantaloupes, watermelons, honeydew, etc.). Some melons that were cultivated into certain odd shapes can go up into the hundreds, and I have a picture to prove it too, which I'll post later ^.^


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