Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour Part III

Playing with Lavshuca Eye Jelly for much of the earlier part of the year reminded me of how much I adored Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colours. So what did I do but dig them out again, only to discover that I actually have 2 more colors other than Platinum and Gold that were never opened!!!

All the memories came rushing back and I remember exactly when I bought Mercury and Alloy. It was right after I started using the smaller GWP tube of Platinum for the very first time. Not only I immediately went and bought Platinum in full size, I sought out other GWP tubes of Gold for trial, and bought full size tubes of Mercury and Alloy. And then I got distract and forgot about them... :X

But I've been using both of these together with Platinum and Gold for the past few months. Let's just say I'm getting the same OMG-I-need-every-color panic again. So far I've secured backups for both Mercury and Alloy, and got 3 more colors I haven't gotten my greedy mitts on: Titanium, Pink Gold, and Rose Gold. I'm afraid I'm getting glossy eyed with their matte sisters too, the Satinee Creme Eye Colours. I think I might give the light colors a try, hoping they would make a beautiful and brightening a base as these metallic ones do! I'm going nuts with these, can you tell?

Alloy: metallic, medium intensity. This gorgeous metallic taupe is a pigmented baby as it applies darker than the Gold color! I only reach for it when I want depth and a good base for a smokey eye, but I love it to death nonetheless! If you're a fan of metallic taupe, you should definitely give this a try.

Mercury: metallic, very sheer. My current obsession. I'm so totally crazy about this sheer lavender I use it as a base for everything! This color has layered perfectly well with all my other eye shadows so far, though I must admit I wear a lot of neutrals and pretty much goof proof colors such as taupe, browns, golds, silver grays, purples, and pinks. I have yet to try and layer this with the turquoise shadow in the Visee x Mercury Brilliance Forming Eyes palette A-6 Blue, though my guess is that it will probably work. This lavender looks pretty neutral itself and being sheer, it will probably enhance the Visee blue-green color and give my eyes a spring-y pop. Just speculating right now but I will definitely try this color combination next! ^.^

I layered a few times for Mercury but only twice for Alloy. See how pigmented it is? Alloy's practically opaque with just 2 layers while Mercury still retains a bit of translucency even after a few layers. Luuuuurv....

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