Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lux Super Rich Shine Shampoo

Accidentally bought 2 sets of these Lux Super Rich Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Set from 2 separate trips to the local drug store. I forgot I had already bought one, and proceeded to buy another set. Oops. Good thing I actually like the shampoo ^.^'

I'm glad I gave this Lux shampoo a try. I received a set of samples for it from With November 2010 issue and didn't use the samples until recently when I ran out of the Vidal Sassoon Base Care Shampoo. The Lux hair care brand offers 2 varieties, Super Rich Shine and Super Damage Repair. My hair isn't damaged, and I was afraid the damage repair thing might be too moisture-heavy and will make my hair greasy so I went with Super Rich Shine instead.

I think I made a good choice. I haven't noticed any super rich shine :P but the shampoo itself is very decent. The strange thing is that if I follow up with conditioner (still finishing up Macherie Air Feel Conditioner so haven't touched the actual Lux Super Rich Shine Conditioner yet...), my hair will stay nice and soft the next day, but if I skip conditioner, it turns oily and greasy. My cynical self wants to think this is because the shampoo by itself is stripping, therefore causing my scalp to overproduce oil to compensate unless I follow up with conditioner to keep things balanced, but who knows...

The shampoo has a nice fragrance too. At first it seems flowery but will turn slightly fruity. When I follow up with Macherie Air Feel Conditioner, it really brings out the cherry fragrance from the Macherie Conditioner and my hair ends up with this really pretty flowery cherry scent that's quite unique. We'll have to see how different the fragrance will be when I follow up with the actual Lux Super Rich Shine Conditioner.

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