Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish

As expected, the permanent lineup of Visee Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish is much better than the 2 limited editions done in collaboration with Rich. Out of the 5 colors available, I have PK-1RD-2OR-3, and PK-4. I skipped RD-5 because it looks too brown. Actually, even OR-3 was a later addition. I didn't buy it at first as I figured it wouldn't be orange on me anyway. But then I changed my mind because it was pretty and peach blushes are always nice to have. So I went back to get it ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are definitely more pigmented than the limited editions and are actually very decent blushes, that is, if you don't mind the shimmers. That's another difference with the permanent lineup. The lightest shade at top left is no longer the most shimmery color - both of the top shades are! The shade at top right has larger shimmer particles that are densely packed, yielding a semi-metallic finish even. That makes these some of the most shimmery blushes I own! The upside is that the shimmery shades will make do as eye shadows in a pinch ^.^

PK-1 and RD-2

OR-3 and PK-4

Texture wise these are softer and smoother and the colors do last decently on me, a few hours I'd say. There is still a little bit of waxiness in the darkest shade that is matte, but it's not as noticeable as in the limited editions. Don't let PK-1 and RD-2 scare you, there are 3 other colors in the pan to tone things down if you don't like your blushes too bright. As for those who like bright and pigmented blushes, I recommend skipping OR-3 and PK-4 altogether and go straight for PK-1 or RD-2. If I can only buy one of these, I would pick RD-2 in a heartbeat.

- PK-1: a bright pink palette that is on the cool side. During the day, I avoid swirling my brush over the top 2 colors to control the shimmers and apply with a light hand.

Clockwise from top left:
- Pale pearly pink.
- Metallic powder pink.
- A cool shimmery princess pink.
- A bright matte hot pink.

- RD-2: an intense orangey red palette that's my favorite out of the 4 colors I own! This one is even more pigmented than the PK-1 above so I apply it sparingly. It is brightest blush I own to date as I normally go for softer and sheerer cheek colors.

Clockwise from left:
- A pearly off white
- Semi metallic, looks very similar to the top right shade in OR-3 but goes on me with more pink.
- A shimmery peachy coral.
- Looks like a bright orangey red in the pan but turns more of a poinsettia with some pink on me.  

- OR-3: another peach palette that's orange in name. Why am I not surprised?

Clockwise from top left: 
- A pearly pale ecru that goes on pretty much off white.
- Appears a pale peach in the pan but goes a semi metallic pink with only hints of peach
- A shimmery peach.
- A peachier version of the lower right shade in RD-2.

- PK-4: a softer neutral pink palette that's quite pretty though literally pale in comparison to PK-1 and RD-2.

Clockwise from top left: 
- Pearly white.
- Semi metallic cloud pink.
- A shimmery petal pink.
- A matte dusty rose in the pan but goes on me a brighter milky pink.

See my previous Visee x Rich Mineral Cheeks Baby Finish post.


Julia said...

Thank you for this review!
... And I'm STILL torn between the two pinks. I wanted to get one of these ages ago and just couldn't decide on which to get. (And accumulated three Jill Stuart blushes in the meantime. *cough*)

D. said...

Hey Julia!

LOL get both pinks? You're very fair, so I'm guessing you don't need a super bright blush for some color? Do you like bright blushes? If not go for the lighter pink.


Julia said...

I'm fair enough for PK-4 to show up on me, I guess, but I'm also fair enough to pull off a brighter blush (and look a lot healthier.) Decisions...
I could get both, I guess, but I already have so many blushes. Or well, not as many as other people might have, but enough to make me think whether I really need two more.

D. said...

Hmm...if brighter colors make you healthier, then why not the brighter pink? Or even the red!!! Yowza!


Jessy Tang said...

the colours are so pretty, thx for the review it is very helpful. My favorite is also RD-2, i think a bright and fun tangerine colour is good for warming up the complexion.


D. said...

Hi Jessy!

Does it stay tangerine on you? Because it turns pinky on me ^.^ I like it all the same though!


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