Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hanami 2012

No one was in the mood for hanami last year, but this year is different. Everyone was out enjoying the flowers, and so were we ^.^

Hubby's colleagues, K. and E. joined us for the occasion and we were actually one of the smallest group among the many barbecues and drinking parties. It's like the Fourth of July back home, only with [tons of] booze flowing ^.^ Folks aren't squeamish about alcohol here at all.

From left to right: K., E., me, and hubby.

And liquor and alcoholic drinks are an abundance here with a conbini around every corner. So we stopped by one to grab some drinks and snacks. Totally low key. 

I took a video of the hanami scene on our way out of the park. Ahh...spring has sprung. 

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