Thursday, April 19, 2012

Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors Part II

Now that the weather is warming up, I'm trading in the spring-y colors of the later Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors palettes (E904 Romatic Garnet Dia, BE905 Blackish Smoky, and BE906 Airy Bloom Dia) for the warmer selections of the earlier ones. Order never really mattered to me anyway.  Here are BE901 Planet DiamondE902 Planet Shine Star, and BE903 Shine Jewel Dia.

***Picture from VOV Korea.

All pictures are taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

BE901 Planet Diamond and BE903 Shine Jewel Dia are baked, and E902 Planet Shine Star is a pressed powder. And while E902 has the same silky soft and almost buttery texture as E904 Romantic Garnet Dia, I was disappointed to find BE901 and BE903 are both surprisingly dry in comparison to BE905 Blackish Smoky and BE906 Airy Bloom Dia. It makes me wonder if these palettes were released at different times, thus the better formula, and better texture, in the later baked ones. When I bought them, there were already 6 palettes available and it was that way for the past couple of years until the recent addition, E907 Pure Angelism.

BE901 Planet Diamond and E902 Planet Shine Star

BE903 Shine Jewel Dia

- BE901 Planet Diamond: a warm baked palette. This palette has the driest texture out of all the baked palettes in this series, particularly the colors in its top row that is also sheer in addition to being dry. The lower 2 rows  are better pigmented, but still dry. Also, unfortunately none of the colors in this palette is dark enough to line. In fact, there are only 4 colors suitable for use on the crease, Dia Peach, Planet Wine, Planet Bronze, and Planet Brown. The rest are either base/highlighter or lid shades. If I have to be honest, I'd say skip this one.

Top row, light colors:
- Dia Pink: metallic pearl, very sheer. A cool cloud pink.
- Platinum White: metallic pearl, very sheer. A pearly bleach white.
- Dia Beige: metallic pearl, very sheer. More of an ecru to me.

Middle row, medium colors:
- Planet Pink: metallic, medium intensity. A gorgeous metallic princess pink.
- Planet Gold: metallic, medium intensity. A pretty gold.
- Dia Peach: metallic, medium intensity. Not peach at all but a beautiful metallic red gold.

Bottom row, dark colors (but not dark enough to line):
- Planet Wine: metallic, medium intensity. A lovely metallic purplish wine, my favorite color in the palette! Too bad it's not dark enough for lining, but it makes a gorgeous crease shade!
- Planet Bronze: semi metallic, medium intensity. Bronze it is!
- Planet Brown: semi metallic, low intensity. A deep cool taupe that's less pigmented but still dark enough for use on the crease.

Picture taken in natural light without flash.

- E902 Planet Shine Star: a pressed powder palette with buttery soft texture and a few really neat shades! I have to say, among all these Castledew Diacut 9 Color palettes, I'm overwhelmingly in favor of the pressed ones. Love this one!

Top row:
- Crystal Yellow: metallic pearl, very sheer. Neither crystal nor yellow. Looks ecru in the pan but goes on a pearly metallic ivory.
- Miracle Violet: iridescent, low intensity. Not violet but lilac, this shade has a very interesting finish. It is very translucent, but not sheer, if that makes any sense. When viewed directly, it looks translucent, but look at it from a different angle and -poof- you get an intense iridescent lilac sheen with violet shimmers. Pretty neat!
- Crystal Pink: metallic pearl, very sheer. A metallic pearly whisper pink.

Middle row:
- Crystal Peach: shimmer, low intensity. A translucent and pale peach.
- Miracle Pink: shimmer, low intensity. A translucent blush pink.
- Miracle Khaki: metallic pearl, high intensity. This color came out of nowhere, seriously! I was expecting a metallic khaki, instead I got an intensely pigmented duo-chromatic khaki with a metallic pearl sheen. Wow. Also, despite sounding warm, it's actually cool. I can't describe it very well, but its metallicity is neither silver or gold but somewhere in between. Another neat color!

Bottom row:
- Planet Grey: metallic, high intensity. Not grey at all but a gorgeous metallic silvery denim, very similar to the Romantic Gray color in the E904 Romantic Garnet Dia palette but a shade or two darker. Love, love, love it! Makes a beautiful liner!
- Planet Deep Brown: metallic, medium intensity. A chocolate brown with pinky undertone.
- Planet Black: matte base, low intensity. Yep, a matte base black with floating blue shimmers. It is also unfortunately sheer despite looking fierce and pigmented. I have lined my eyes with it though and it works. It's black, what can I say, and a couple of layers did the trick well.

See how translucent Miracle Violet (top row, middle) is when viewed directly (left picture) versus the intense lilac sheen when viewed at an angle (right picture). Pictures taken in natural light without flash. 

- BE903 Shine Jewel Dia: a baked palette with pinks, purples, and neutral beige. This palette is on the sheer side, though less dry than the baked BE901 above. It's also kind of blah in terms of finish, with the entire bottom row being satins. In this palette, there is only 2 colors suitable for the crease (Purple Night and Love Angel) and just 1 color dark enough to line (Brown Night). The top row has base/highlighter colors and the middle row is for the lid.

Top row:
- Shine Purple: metallic, very sheer. A very pale lavender, goes on almost whitish.
- Shine White: metallic, very sheer. A chalk white.
- Shine Beige: metallic pearl, very sheer. A metallic pearl champagne.

Middle row:
- Jewel Violet: semi metallic, low intensity. A pretty lilac, not pink enough to be violet.
- Shine Pink: metallic, low intensity. A princess pink.
- Jewel Beige: metallic, low intensity. A fleshy beige that matches my skin color pretty well.

Bottom row:
- Purple Night: satin, low intensity. Purple with bluish undertone, not as pigmented but still dark enough for use on the crease.
- Love Angel: satin, low intensity. A bright peony pink.
- Brown Night: satin, medium intensity. Looks like a milk chocolate in the pan but is actually a deep taupe brown that is much darker than it appears. Makes a good liner shade.

Picture taken in natural light without flash.

See my previous Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors post.


Pearl said...

Woow all of those colors look fantastic @_@

They look so pigmented and like they can be used easily together ><

D. said...

Hi Pearl,

These are very nice. I like them a lot, though I like the pressed palettes much more so than the baked ones. You can get these easily from Gmarket or Ebay!


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