Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize Part II

More Majolica Majorca Shadow Customizes ^.^ Another unique aspect about this particular line of eye shadow is that there are several greens that are so very vivid. You don't see this very often among Japanese eye shadows at all! Oh, and get ready for the metallics, because here they come!

Most pictures were taken indoor with flash, but I will note otherwise. These 2 were taken in natural light without flash.

- BK922: shimmer, medium intensity. A dark charcoal liner shade that turns out to be slightly less pigmented than expected. It's still pretty sufficient as a liner though, don't get me wrong. Also, for some reason this color felt dryer than all the others.

- BL724: metallic pearl, high intensity. Another lovely duo-chromatic turquoise crease shade with an intensely metallic pearl greenish gold sheen. It's crazy pigmented and it makes me drool! And I don't even wear turquoise eye shadows!!!

- BR223: metallic, medium intensity. A metallic burnish gold crease shade.

- BR665: metallic, medium intensity. A metallic neutral bronzy brown. I know it looks identical to BR223 in the pan, but trust me they swatched 2 very different colors!

- BR784: shimmer, very sheer. After the previous 2, this color came as a shock to me. The moment I swatched it I literally blurted out "wtf" ^.^' It's a translucent taupey cappuccino that's on the warm side and is unfortunately muddy on me :( Not sure what this color is for actually. It's way too sheer and translucent for a crease shade, and at the same time too dark a color for a base/highlighter or even a lid shade. I don't get it...

From left to right: BK922, BL724, BR223, BR665, and BR784. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. Check out that turquoise!

- GD822: metallic, high intensity. A holy hell metallic and crazily pigmented copper crease shade. My jaw dropped the moment I swatched it! It's really, really, I mean shockingly metallic.

- GR129: metallic pearl, medium intensity. Another duo-chromatic sea foam green crease shade with an intensely metallic pearl sheen in the same color. This color is somewhat translucent even with medium pigmentation level.

- GR162: satin, medium intensity. A bright and satiny jade green crease shade. A very unique color I haven't seen very often!

- GR185: metallic, high intensity. Yet another intensely metallic grassy lime green crease shade. Very pretty!

- PK112: shimmer, very sheer. A fleshy pink base/highlighter and lid shade.

From left to right: GD822, GR129, GR162, GR185, and PK112. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. Sorry for the yellowy wash here. It was a cloudy day and the sun came out all of the sudden, so I was caught unprepared. But see the metallicity in that GD822? Woowee!!

See my previous Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize post.


Julia said...

I have 5 of these babies and need more! My white one has quite the dent already and at the moment, I am loving GR185 for a spring-y look.

D. said...

Hi Julia,

Which of the white color do you have? I love these greens too, even though I don't even wear green lol!


Julia said...

WT963, I think.

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