Friday, May 4, 2012

Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize

Another untouched part of my stash that I will start swatching, the Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize. I've been collecting these for a few years now, since I was introduced to the brand via the MJ Spices and the Cheek Customizes. There have been many colors released and then discontinued, making way for new ones. Obviously, I missed a bunch of them, but I do like the colors I have, and I adore their packaging. Not exactly easy to store, but very cute, like little pull-out drawers ^.^ I have 25 of these, so I'm only posting swatches for 10 for now. Others to follow.

Most of the pictures were taken indoor with flash, but I will note otherwise. These 2 were taken in natural light without flash.

These Shadow Customizes are excellent eye shadows, very impressive for a drugstore brand. They are very silky and soft, almost creamy even though they are pressed powders and aren't cream, and they are slightly damp to the touch, very similar to Visee Glam Glow Eyes. They have great pigmentation, and unlike most Japanese made eye shadows this line has some of the most gorgeous and intensely metallic shades I have ever seen! Taking their prices into consideration, these totally blow Coffret D'Or Eye Colors out of the water, hands down. The only thing I lament is the lack of sparkling top washes, but I can always find these else where, whereas these metallics are much rarer finds, at least in Japan.

Also, most eye shadows in Japan have alpha-numeric names, but some of these Shadow Customizes are named with just a number. I'm not sure why. Either way, these numbered colors have been discontinued and are no longer available.

- 11: pearl, low intensity. An opaque white base/highlighter shade with a golden pearly sheen. This color looks somewhat flat despite the pearly finish.

- 12: semi-metallic, medium intensity. A pretty coppery peach crease shade.

- 13: shimmer, low intensity. A muted bluish green crease shade with a weak golden sheen.

- 14: semi-metallic, low intensity. A smokey grayish purple crease shade that is very pretty on the crease.

- 15: pearl, low intensity. An opaque white base/highlighter shade with a lilac pearly sheen. Again, this color is somehow flat despite the pearly finish.

From left to right: 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash.

- 17: pearl, low intensity. An opaque cool shell pink base/highlighter shade with a pink pearly sheen. Also unfortunately flat. 

- 18: pearl, low intensity. An opaque cloud blue base/highlighter shade with a brighter blue iridescent sheen. Interesting that this color is not flat like the other pearl ones.

- BE111: shimmer, very sheer. A pale peach base/highlighter shade that matches my skin color rather well, so well it barely showed up on the swatch. The combination of its translucency and the color makes it difficult to swatch and it barely showed up on the back of my hand despite several layers. It does even out my lids though, so it's not completely useless ^.^

- BE121: shimmer, very sheer. A pale beige base/highlighter color that's a shade or two lighter than my skin tone, which makes it a very nice brightener.

- BE286: metallic pearl, high intensity. The first of the gorgeous metallics I mentioned. This one is an exquisite duo-chromatic peach crease shade with an intensely metallic pearl gold sheen. It's so very pigmented!

From left to right: 17, 18, BE111, BE121, and BE286. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. Sorry, the lighting in this picture is a bit washed out, so you can't really see how gorgeous BE286 is, but it's very very pretty.

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