Saturday, May 26, 2012

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eye Shadow Part III

I think I struck gold with this third and last batch of NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Pearl Eye Shadows! I mean, several of these last ones are both intensely metallic and intensely pigmented! Also, these metallic ones did not dull either! They're basically the loose powder rival of the Majolica Majorca Shadow Customizes, only at a fraction of the price in addition to being readily available! You should definitely give some of these a try! And if I ever get around to it, I think I might press them to keep them from spilling. Such a waste!

Left picture taken in natural light without flash.
***Right picture from NYX Cosmetics.

- LP21 Oro: metallic, high intensity. Well hello there! A pretty burnish gold with hints of bronze, not only this is a loose powder dupe of Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Colour in Gold, it's a more intensely metallic and pigmented dupe at that!

For all paired pictures below, the left was taken indoor with flash, and the right was taken in natural light without flash.

- LP22 Rust: metallic, high intensity. Another knockout in the form of a highly metallic and pigmented gorgeous coppery red.

- LP23 Walnut: metallic, high intensity. A metallic warm milk chocolate brown. Very nice!

- LP24 Penny: metallic, high intensity. Definitely a pretty penny and a beauty I don't see very often. It's an intensely metallic magenta. So so pretty!

- LP25 Grass: pearl, low intensity. A sea foam green with a golden iridescent pearl sheen. It's much sheerer than the previous 4 colors, but it's pretty all the same.

From left to right: LP21 Oro, LP22 Rust, LP23 Walnut, LP24 Penny, and LP25 Grass. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. I don't know about you, but I can actually see how metallic the first 4 are!

- LP26 Yellow Pearl: shimmer, medium intensity. A bright lemony yellow. Very pretty!

- LP27 Very Pink Pearl: shimmer, low intensity. A princess pink.

- LP28 Orange Zest Pearl: shimmer, medium intensity. Ooohh now this is a lovely bright candy orange with sparkling gold shimmers that are not at all gaudy. I never thought I'd like an orange eye shadow but I love this one!

- LP29 True Purple Pearl: shimmer, low intensity. A bright candy purple with a bluish purple slightly iridescent sheen.

- LP30 Jade Pearl: shimmer, very sheer. A bright but translucent parakeet green that I had to layer the swatch for. Despite its sheerness however, the color is quite bright and it will work on the crease if layered.

From left to right: LP26 Yellow Pearl, LP27 Very Pink Pearl, LP28 Orange Zest Pearl, LP29 True Purple Pearl, and LP30 Jade Pearl. Swatch picture taken in natural light without flash. Looks like I have a parakeet on the back of my hand, doesn't it? ^.^

My first picks in this batch are definitely LP21 Oro, LP22 Rust, LP24, and LP28 Orange Zest Pearl, then LP23 Walnut, LP26 Yellow Pearl, and LP30 Jade Pearl.

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