Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Bent Spoon, Princeton

Another must try in town is The Bent Spoon, an artisan ice cream shop that churns out some really quirky seasonal flavors such as Earl Gray, Olive Oil, Lavender, and Balsamic Vinegar, etc. These sounds wacky, but are in fact quite yummy if you would look past what their names suggest ^.^ Also, another neat thing is that they don't usually repeat seasonal flavors every year. 

My one and only favorite ice cream flavor is a fall/winter Maple Walnut, which was offered only twice during our 4 years there. It was some of the best ice cream flavor I've ever had! The ice cream itself was light, almost like a sorbet but was still creamy and delicious! Best of all, it wasn't too sugary sweet at all with bits of crunchy walnuts mixed in.

All that said, what I like even more than their ice cream was their cup cakes, the mini ones. The cake is moist, and you can taste the butter in both the cake and the frosting, sweet with a pinch of salt. Of course they're crazily fattening, which is why I never ever get the regular size. The mini ones are perfectly portioned in my opinion, each last me about 2-3 bites (hubby just pops the whole thing in his mouth ^.^'), leaving me wanting more instead of being all buttered and sugared out. 

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