Monday, September 10, 2012

The Little Chef Pastry Shop, Princeton

Last post on our one day whirl-wind visit in town is reserved for this little patisserie I love so much - The Little Chef Pastry Shop. Let's just say I used to lurk around here all the time, as the shop sells out very quickly. Usually, by 2p.m. you'll have nothing left to choose from and that's that, which is particular hard on me since, well, I sleep in till noon on the weekends :P It's just as they say, you snooze you lose.

I'm not alone in my praise for the fine and dainty French pastries here, even if I never had the pleasure of tasting the chef's popular croissant (for one I would never make it before 9a.m., and for two I would never wake up that early for a croissant :P). But even with the noon-ish slim pickings, I still loved whatever I had. My favorites were the coffee eclairs and the Opera cakes. The Napoleons were great too, but they can get messy with all the flakes.

So on our second morning in town, on the way out to the airport, around 10-ish hubby said to me that it was the first time I ever visited the place before noon, which means there will be plenty of eclairs left, and may be even an Opera cake or two. And he was right, sort of. There were about 5 eclairs left, 3 Opera cakes, a couple of other tarts and those were it. Yep. Looks like the chef has gotten much more popular these days. Good for him. I will cheer for this little shop all the way!

Opera cake and coffee eclairs.

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