Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taste of Colorado, Denver

Over the Labor Day weekend, my family and I went to the Taste of Colorado Festival, which is held every year around this time. It's basically a huge festival with lots of food, snacks, desserts, drinks, and other craft tents covering several stretches of street around the Denver City Hall and Capitol Building. There are live music too!

The first thing my sister and I did was to get a shaved ice ^.^ This one stand has a whole flavor station with 15 different syrup flavors! You get your shaved ice and go around and pick whatever flavor and however many flavors you want!

Although our shaved ice was huge, we could only fit 3 flavors on it, rootbeer, blackberry, and strawberry. I wanted to try more but then the flavors started to mix at the bottom of the cup.

The festival with Denver City Hall in the back drop. See a quick video I took of the City Hall.

Here's the Denver Capitol Building. There are rows and rows of chairs across this lawn for people to sit and enjoy their food.

Fried alligator, anyone?

Hubby and I bought beef jerky at this Oregon Trail Jerky stand. They were yummy. And spicy.

The Denver Capitol Building from the back.

Exotic stuff! Hubby ordered a plate of chipotle bbq pulled wild boar and it was delicious!

My family hung out in the shade, watching Brazilian festival dance! From left is aunt P., my dad, my mom, hubby, and my sister in the back.

I found a vendor selling smoothies and ordered a raspberry lemonade, but it was way too tart for me.

My favorite thing that day were these mini cupcakes from Gigi Cupcakes, which weren't really minis. The left ones are strawberry with strawberry frosting (top), strawberry and cream cheese frosting (bottom). The right ones are cookies and cream, chocolate fudge, and lemon meringue.

We spent the afternoon there and left in the early evening. Yes, the sky was still bright and the sun was still out, but it was about 6PM. Found a neat blend of the old and the new here so I snapped a photo. 

The Sports Authority Field from the express lane leaving Denver.

Not the most scenic view, but a view of downtown Denver from the highway. Not a big city by any means, but it's a pretty neat place.

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