Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coffret D'Or Eye Appeal Shadow Part II

Bought the remaining 2 palettes of Coffret D'Or Eye Appeal Shadows in Taipei also and was using them on and off while visiting my folks, whenever I got bored with Kate Wide Edge Eyes ^.^ 

02 Fairy Pink and 05 Mint Purple. All pictures taken in natural light without flash. 

Since I have already reviewed 01 Sweet Brown, 03 Gray Silver, and 04 Nudy Beige in detail, I'm just going to cut right to the chase with these 2 ^.^

- 02 Fairy Pink: I was really looking forward to this one, after all, that sparkling top wash is lilac. And while I loved this top wash, the medium crease shade disappointed me terribly - it was no medium crease shade at all! Of course, what was I expecting, buying a "fair pink" palette, but you know how some pinks can and do show up well on the crease? Not this one I'm afraid. It was way too light and sheer it barely showed up on the back of my hand! Can you tell from the swatch picture I layered it like crazy? So yeah, this palette was a let down, pretty much just 3 light shades and a liner shade.  

Clockwise from top left:
- Sparkling top wash: metallic, low intensity. A very pretty lilac. It looks totally sheer in the swatch picture but it's not.
- Base and highlight: pearl, low intensity. A pale pinky white with a pearly pink sheen. It's a bit more pigmented than the base and highlighter for the other palettes.
- Liner: shimmer, high intensity. An odd black that doesn't quite belong in a palette of pink and lilac, in my humble opinion. I'd much rather have a deep inky blue or purple.
- Medium shade: shimmer, low intensity. A cool and pale shell pink and not a medium shade by any means! They really should have gone with a darker pink at least. Oh well.

- 05 Mint Purple: this palette surprised me twice! At first I thought it had gone bad - the sparkling top wash was wet, and I mean wet as in when I touched it, it was mushy! If you look closely at the swatch picture below, you'll see a wet "ring "around its swatch. I have no idea why it was like that, and I'm pretty sure I didn't spill anything on it and it arrived sealed by the manufacturer! So I left the lid open over night, and in the dry climate where my parents live it totally dried up the next morning and everything was back to normal LOL! Weird, huh?
The second surprise was that I ended up liking this palette way more than I thought ^.^ Opposite with the 02 Fairy Pink, I was iffy about this one, thinking the pale sea foam green base and highlighter would clash with the lavender, and that the lavender would be too light for a crease shade. I was wrong on both counts. They complemented each other well, and the lavender was just right, not too light, but not too dark either.

Clockwise from top left:
- Sparkling top wash: metallic, low intensity. A true silver. I should have waited for this shade to dry up and take a swatch picture the next day, but I was in a rush to get all the picture-taking done. Sorry!
- Base and highlight: pearl, low intensity. A pale sea foam green with a pearly sheen.
- Liner: shimmer, high intensity. A cool toned blueish purple. Totally rocked as a liner shade!
- Medium shade: shimmer, medium intensity. An eye-popping lavender, especially on top of the sea foam green base!

See my previous Coffret D'Or Eye Appeal Shadow post.


birkinbagbeauty said...

beautiful colour payoff...I love Coffret D'or and this looks like one of their better palettes again, perfect for the pastel trend going on

D. said...

Hi birkinbagbeauty,

Completely agree! I do think the palettes 01 Sweet Brown and 04 Nudy Beige have the best color pay off among this range, but over all these palettes got me paying better attention to Coffret D'Or again!

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment :)


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