Thursday, April 3, 2014

Visee Liquid Liner

A long overdue review for Visee Liquid Liner BK001. This is a full size eye liner pen with a tapered brush tip that's reminiscent of a calligraphy pen only it's much firmer and doesn't have much give. This was from the Visee Eye Color and Liquid Eye Liner Set I bought at Don Quixote along with Visee Glam Glow Eyes BR-3, Fasio Oil Cleansing EX 30mL, Fasio Mascara Easy Remover 2.5mL, and Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper mini 70-sheet booklet.

Unfortunately a long overdue review doesn't necessarily imply a long overdue praise. In fact, quite the opposite - this liquid eye liner doesn't work for me at all! I do like the tapered brush tip and how firm it is, but the black color is neither intense or opaque and to get an opaque line I have to layer it a few times. 

But that's not the problem. The problem is that it just doesn't fare well with my oily lids at all! Regardless whether I had applied eye primer, from any brand, or which formula of eye shadow, it will rub off of my lids, smear and smudge. I used to think my lids are just not meant to get along with liquid eye liners until my friend A. did recommend a different brand, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eye Liner (will review later), and with eye primer this stuff does not budge on my oily lids, which is an amazing feat! So yes, unfortunately this Visee Liquid Liner is just crap :(

Swatches were done with single pen strokes. See how it's not really black but more like a charcoal?


Ann said...

i have tried this too and I didn't like it neither..It would like part? Open ? Crack? On my eye lids (dolly wink crumbles on me) and I just hate it!

I never have try the eyeko one . Hopefully I will get my hands on one!! :)


D. said...

Hi Ann,

Eyeko is available from Sephora, so try your Sephora ^.^

I was going to try Dolly Wink too but hearing how it crumbles on your lids, and you have oily lids like I do, hmm...may be not...


Nick said...

Have lurked for a long while because I love your blog, but never commented because, well, what can I add to your well-written text? However, I have also been plagued by smearing liquid liners and I feel your pain. Looking like I've silently wept inky tears is not my preferred way to face the day. Anyway, I just wanted to recommend the CLIO brush/pen liquid liners. I'm not sure how the Eyeko ones work, but these Korean babies are marvellous. I've used them for almost 18 hours more than once, and never have they let me down (with judicious help from a primer) - even in Malaysia and Singapore! Would love a review of them from you if you do check them out. :)

D. said...

Hi Nick,

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

You know what, I think I have read about the Clio brush/pen liquid liner somewhere, thank you for the recommendation! I will go consult with the google, like, right now ^.^

Will definitely review once I get a hold of one and had a good try! Thanks again!


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