Sunday, February 17, 2013

Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper

Got a tiny travel size packet of Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper as part of Don Quixote's Visee Eye Color and Liquid Eye Liner Sets I got during the holiday season 2011.  

This particular set came with  each containing a deluxe 30mL travel size jar of Fasio Oil Cleansing EX, a small 2.5mL sample tube of Fasio Mascara Easy Remover (which I probably will never use...), a mini 70-sheet booklet of this Selecty Glitter Aburatorigami Oil Blotting Paper (retails 420yen), a Visee Glam Glow Eyes BR-3 (the other option was PK-1, each palette retails 1,680yen), and a full size Visee Liquid Eye Liner in BK001 (retails 1,050yen, haven't gotten to this either). 

I'm glad I got this as a freebie, because I would have never bought it. And now that I got to try it, I definitely will not buy the full size. It's probably the crappier of the few blotting papers I've tried over the years (Victoria's Secret, Yojiya - my sister gave me a booklet of it after all, and Boscia, will review the latter two soon). It feels thicker than the others, and pretty stiff, much like a thicker gift wrapping tissue. It does an okay job of cleaning up my oily t-zones, but it feels slightly scratchy on my skin.

In the end, I still keep this packet in my purse due to its travel friendly small size. However, if you're in the market for an oil blotting paper, unless you got this for free I wouldn't bother with it, especially when there are so many better options out there. 

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