Sunday, September 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret VS Pro Light FX Eye-Brightening Pen

This 1.75g/0.62oz. Victoria's Secret VS Pro Light FX Eye-Brightening Pen is the second half of the duo I bought during the VS clearance in June, the first being the Concealing Eye Brightener Pen.

Same packaging as the concealing pen, in the Stila Lip Glaze-style twist click pen with a brush tip, only it's missing the clear window for you to see how much of the product are left. 

This liquid highlighter is unscented, and dispenses a thin but not runny liquid. It's also completely translucent and after blending, it dries to a clear finish. The shimmers are very fine, so it gives more of a glistening effect and not so much sparkly, or even shimmery. Unfortunately, that's precisely my problem with it. The glistening effect is probably nice if you have normal skin, but I have dry combination, so I highlight under the eye areas, where the formula is too drying, and around the nose and mouth, where the formula creases :( Also, because it's so translucent it doesn't really brighten either areas unless I goop it on, which means it cakes under the eyes and creases even faster around the nose and mouth. So yeah, sadly this pen is a dud for me T.T

Concealing Eye Brightener Pen (left) and this Eye-Brightening Pen.

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