Saturday, September 13, 2014

Victoria's Secret VS Pro Light FX Concealing Eye Brightener Pen

This 1.5g/0.53oz. Victoria's Secret VS Pro Light FX Concealing Eye Brightener Pen - Light was among my VS clearance loot back in June. There were actually 2 pens as pictured here, one is a Concealing Eye Brightener Pen, and the other is an Eye Brightening Pen. I asked the SA what the difference was and she kept pointing to her under eye areas and said she was wearing the concealing pen but didn't answer my question otherwise. Huh? I mean, unless she's wearing the concealing pen under one eye and the brightening pen on the other, and even then I'm not sure if I could tell given the full face of makeup she had on. So I ended up grabbing both pens ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Packaging for both are the twist click style with brush top, just like the Stila Lip Glazes. They feel about the same size actually, with Stila holding just a tad more of product, which makes Stila outrageous since it's a lip gloss and you'll use a whole lot more with each application. With this VS concealer, I only use dabs each time, so it'll last me quite a while.

The unscented formula neither thin nor runny, but it does dispense a soft cream texture. So what I like to do is to dispense just a tiny bit before I recap, so that by the time I use it next it would have thickened somewhat, providing better coverage than when it's softer and creamier. And while it does a decent job with concealing, I wouldn't say it "brightens" anything at all. The finish is matte without any shimmers, and being "light" it's actually medium - see the swatch, it's a couple of shades darker than the back of my hand! It also oxidizes and turns slightly pinky. So no, it doesn't brighten, only conceal.

Concealing Eye Brightener Pen (left) and Eye Brightening Pen (right, will review next).

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