Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS Part II

These new Paul & Joe Lipstick CS were a summer purchase from Beauty Habit. I bought 3 colors, 081 Once Upon A Time and 082 Far Far Away from fall 2013, and this past spring's release 086 Rosebud (of course I'm reviewing it now, when it's winter :P).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

From left to right: 081 Once Upon A Time, 082 Far Far Away, and 086 Rosebud.

Picked up 2 lipstick cases as well.

- 081 Once Upon A Time (Natural?): this was a very pretty yellow-based orange in the tube and swatched on the back of my hand. But on my lips it turned totally opaque and weirdly orangey, like a pumpkin orange almost. Not very flattering at all. So I swapped it with Citrine who says it turns a golden apricot on her in addition to being unique in her stash, which is a good ending for all ^.^

- 082 Far Far Away (Sheer): yes, standing far enough away and you won't even see this lipstick on me - it's pretty much sheer powder pink LOL!

- 086 Rosebud (Sheer): a gorgeous translucent blue-based maraschino cherry red and my favorite out of all three. If you would believe it this is a "sheer" lipstick! As you can see, it's really not so sheer but is quite pigmented. I think by "sheer" here they meant translucent. The color can be translucent and still packs a punch!

Left to right: 081 Once Upon A Time, 082 Far Far Away, and 086 Rosebud.

See my previous Paul & Joe Lipstick CS post.


Citrine said...

I like(I mean need) rosebud...It's kind of convenient that I recently got rid of my P&J gloss in Maraschino gloss (because the Pj glosses have a tendency to start smelling funny when I am 1/2 way through)..

D. said...

Hey Citrine!

Yes, Rosebud is beeaaauutiful and I just love it to death! I use it sparingly though, because it's really pigmented despite the translucency. I bet the color would look great on you too!


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