Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Suisse Programme Caviar Lifting Cream

Just a quick post for this 7mL/0.25fl oz. pump tube of Suisse Programme Caviar Lifting Cream. I started using this around the same time as the Lifting Serum and Repair Eye Complex, and yet it took me 2+ months to use up this cream!

This cream came out of the tube an opaque ivory color, but if you look closely, you'd see that it was actually gold and shimmery. Again, very pretty but I don't need my skincare pretty. I need it to work for my skin and be reasonably. The 30mL full size jar of this cream retails for $200+, *not* reasonably priced. As for whether it worked, I didn't see any changes.

The good thing about this cream was that it was mildly scented, just like the eye cream and serum. It was quite thick and was very moisturizing, so I use it as a night cream. One pump was all I needed. I'm glad I tried it but I won't be buying the full size anytime soon.

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