Monday, July 27, 2015

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Part V

Continuing with my Body Shop Shimmer Cubes series. In this batch are palettes 13, 14, and 16. These don't have names either, so the numbers are it. Also, there are comparison photos where appropriate.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Clickable photos = zoom, so click and see ^.^

- 13: yet another pastel palette, which means another bust for me :( This is odd since this palette is Brazil-themed and when I think of Brazil, the last color scheme I think of is pastel. To me Brazil is sunny and colorful, absolutely not pastel. So my humble opinion is that The Body Shop was totally off the mark with this one. The colors are all metallic, yes, but two of them (Amazon Blue and Carnival Shimmer) turn out to be quite frosty on me. Also, Carnival Shimmer and Rio Golden Sand are barely distinguishable unless you pile them on.

Clockwise from top left:
- Amazon Blue: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A pretty pastel blue. For some reason, metallic pastel blues always turn frosty on me and unfortunately this one is not an exception.
- Carnival Shimmer: metallic, medium intensity (dry) and high intensity (wet). An soft white that also turns frosty on me.
- Sao Paulo Sunrise: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A pretty peach in the cube but is so pale it goes on a whisper pink. Sigh...
- Rio Golden Sand: metallic pearl and high intensity (dry and wet). A golden champagne but again so pale that it goes on barely looking like ivory. So unless you apply with a heavy hand, it'll look similar to Carnival Shimmer above save for the glistening finish when used wet.

And guess what, half of this palette 13 are recycled from palettes 09 and 11. See for yourself. It gets worse below, so don't hold your breath.

- 14: and just when I think, finally, not a pastel palette, I realize 3 colors in this palette are recycled from palette 12 :( So I really only get 1 new color, which is the Satin Green at bottom left.

Clockwise from top left:
- Black Velvet: shimmer (dry) and metallic (wet), high intensity (dry and wet). A sparkling black that turns metallic when used wet.
- Gold Chiffon: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). Gold champagne.
- Purple Silk: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A gorgeous wine.
- Satin Green: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A silvered sea foam green. Very pretty!

Here's palettes 12 versus 14, with the dupes so blatant it's not even funny. You can see that Purple Silk is a deeper wine than Sunset Berry in palette 12, but unless you pile it on the visible difference is minimal. When used wet Purple Silk has a violet sheen versus the silver sheen in Sunset Berry.

- 16: a beautiful and wearable palette already reviewed in detail, so I won't repeat. I redid the swatches though.

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Citrine said...

Lol at the recycling...I guess only from a bystander's point of view. Normally I will get really pissed (Maybelline does that all the time but luckily it's recycling the LE shades that I didn't get to pick up the previous season).

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yeah, well, it gets even worse, which you'll see in the next post T.T I actually haven't seen much of Maybelline's recycling, probably because they use the same name, which makes it a "re-release" and not a recycling to me. Whereas The Body Shop just renames the shade(s) and puts it into different palettes, as if repackaging would make those same shade into something new... So not cool.


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