Monday, October 12, 2015

Excel Sleek Cheek

These Excel Sleek Cheeks were cart-fillers when I bought the BB Powder UV (by the way, I recommended this powder to my friend J. and she loves it!). There are 4 colors available, SC01 Cherry, SC02 Peach, SC03 Strawberry, and SC04 Apricot. I picked SC01 Cherry and SC04 Apricot, because the Peach doesn't look distinctive enough and the Strawberry looks too pink.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These are cream cheek colors, each with 2 pans of a darker versus lighter/milkier color so you can blend and mix. It swatches a translucent cream but blends out to a powdery finish, so the texture is like Canmake Cream Cheek (the regular line, not the Clear Series) but with a finish like Stila Convertible Colors, although not as thick and opaque. Pigmentation is very decent and the swatches were done with just one layer. Lasting power is good, but it's not so humid anymore right now so I can't comment on how this will perform mid-summer.

As for the colors, I actually don't bother mixing or blending :P I just wear the lighter one during the day and the darker one at night and it's been working out pretty well ^.^

- SC01 Cherry: a blue-based cherry red and rosy pink duo. Very pretty and slightly more pigmented than SC04 Apricot below.

- SC04 Apricot: from the online photos, I had expected this to be orange. It turned out to be a reddish coral and peachy apricot duo. I was disappointed until I wore it and saw how flattering it was. Love!

SC01 Cherry and SC04 Apricot, swatch (left column) and blended (right column).

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