Monday, February 27, 2017

Cici Care Rose Oil Placenta Cream

I last met up with my college friend A. and her now husband S. in Taipei five years ago in 2012. They both have been living in Australia for decade now. A while back A. gave me this 100g jar of Cici Care Rose Placenta Cream, and I've been using it since emptying my tube of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. (On a side note, I just realize I have several galpals whose names start with "A"!)

Cici Care is an Australian brand and while they have a decent list of in-store retailers, none seems to have an online store, not even Cici Care itself! So this stuff is not really available outside of Australia I'm afraid.

So, placenta cream. Let's just say Cici Care is not at all shy about it. It states clearly on their website that the placenta extract used in their products comes from sheep, due to "the powerful immune systems of the animal." Not a vegan product, folks, not that it deters me. I'm not too keen on the "science" claims but I'm game to try the cream at least.

Turns out this cream is a rather pleasant surprise! Its light texture is deceiving as the cream itself is very moisturizing. This means a little goes a long way and I massage any extra onto the back of my hand. The cream goes on light and absorbs quickly and completely, leaving my skin soft and smooth. Yes, it's rose-scented but the fragrance isn't overpowering.

Since the 100g is a lot and will probably take me forever to use up, I scooped out some into a small glass jar to preserve the integrity of larger one. Either way, I've been enjoying this cream much more than I expected to. After just one week of use, I've noticed my skin is brighter and clearer. Then again, I can't say for certain if this is the result of the cream or the pregnancy hormones :P Too bad this brand isn't available online, not that I've found anyway. I would definitely repurchase!

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