Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pond's Age Beauty Creamy Cleansing

Bought this 150mL pump bottle of Pond's Age Beauty Creamy Cleansing before leaving Tokyo and didn't have to take a picture of the outer packaging. So when I took it out to use, I tore it all off before remembering that oops, no packaging photos. Oh well.

This is a non-foaming cleanser in a translucent gel cream, so it feels more like a gel on my skin than anything remotely creamy. Despite being non-foaming, it rinses clean without leaving any residue behind. It's very mild and neither strip my skin nor leave it squeaky, which makes it a great choice for drier seasons.

However, it's scented with an overly feminine scent that I merely tolerate. Because it doesn't foam, I ended up using a lot more of it than I should or want to--2 full pumps for each use, one for neck and chest, and one for face. Between me and hubby, it's been two weeks and we've already used up a quarter of the bottle :( Glad to try it but probably won't repurchase.

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