Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Canmake Melty Smooth Oil Gloss

When Citrine reviewed this Canmake Melty Smooth Oil Gloss in 03 Strawberry Red back in April, I immediately thought of Integrate Sakura Drop Essence Sakuranbo and gave it a try. There are two other "colors" available, 01 Clear and 02 Pure Pink, but I think Canmake has discontinued this gloss as I don't see it on their website. It's still available on e(vil)bay.

Here's my most recent Canmake order via Rakuten JP: the new Balm Rouge Tints T01 Little Anemone, T02 Happy Tulip, and T03 Ruby Carnation, the new Cream Cheek Tints 01 Fresh Pop Melon, 02 Happy Strawberry, and LE 03 Peony Mellow, and Cream Cheek 15 Antique Milk Rose. There's also a Cream Cheek Clear Series CL09 Clear Raspberry Gelato that's not pictured as it arrived in a separate package. Will review these later when time permits. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I was totally wrong in thinking Canmake Oil Gloss is a dupe for Integrate Sakura Drop. Given Canmake is at 2/3 Integrate's retail, you really get what you pay for, an oily and melty gloss! Integrate has a thicker jelly texture that's smooth, non-sticky, and doesn't run. There's an SPF18 PA++ too, pretty low but still better than nothing. Canmake is also non-sticky, but it's also so thin it bleeds beyond my lip line almost immediately upon application. Sure, it's moisturizing and glossy, but I suppose rubbing any kind of oil on my lip would produce the same effects.

- 03 Strawberry Red: a transparent and shimmer free cool strawberry red. That said, the thin texture means I barely get a hint of color. Whereas the red tint in Integrate Sakura Drop actually shows up on my lips, enough so that I'd brought it with me to vacations at the beach to look a little more polished.

Final verdict: will definitely pay more for Integrate Sakura Drop to get that little bit of SPF and the red tint of color.


Citrine said...

That's weird...The canmake shows up much better on me that integrate (got sheer red for both). I got those tint type stay on balm rouge and of boy that red one went full blown magenta on me...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Oh no! I haven't tried any of my Canmakes yet other than this Oil Gloss because it's quick and easy. Let's hope the red Balm Rouge Tint stays red on me :X


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