Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chikuhodo Brushes Part VIII

Here are a few more eye brow brushes from Chikuhodo, the BP-8, E-2, and Z-6.  

At far left is the Addiction Eye Brow Brush.

Eye shadow and eye brow brushes are the only ones I buy from the brand nowadays. I prefer my face and cheek brushes to be dense, short, and stout and Chikuhodo doesn't make brushes in that shape. And if they did, those brushes would be out of my price range =.=" 

- BP-8 Water Badger, 2,100yen via CDJapan or $23 via Visage USA (not affiliated to either!): this brush is stuck in my current rotation tray having been there since before my little one was born. It's a detail brush I use to fill in thin or small bald spot (yes I have those...) and it does its job quite well.

- E-2 Raccoon, 2,800yen via CDJapan, not available from Visage USA: a brush with raccoon hair hmm? Interesting. I mean, there are raccoons around where I live. In fact, several months ago when hubby and I came home from a late dinner on a winter night, we found ourselves three baby raccoons frolicking on the lid of our apartment building's dumpster bin while their mother rummaged around for food. And then I bought not one but two eye brow brushes with natural raccoon hair, it's kind of mind-bending. And then I felt the brush head and oh boy it's soft, almost squirrel-soft... Great brush, and I no longer give the raccoon hair a second thought. End of story ^.^

- Z-6 Raccoon, 3,300yen via CDJapan and $33 via Visage USA: a beautiful brush, even softer than the E-2 above. The brush tip is velvety to the touch. My brows have never felt so spoiled. And it's large enough to compete with my other wide eye brow brushes. Worth the 3,300yen I'd say!

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Citrine said...

I haven't seen raccoon in my neighbourhood yet but one day I was by my porch, I saw a white kitty and bent down trying to pet it. It was a goddamn opposum...Then just last week a mother-son skunk duo moved in (were cute if it wasn't the burnt garbage sell) and I am reminded of them every night when I open the window...

Anyway, I was kind of obsessed with brow brush for a while (why yes my brows are fairy full and -_-...)and actually really like the one from Shu Uemura (but now I hate the brand because two lippies I got are just gross)...

I might get the first chikuhodo if I got other things to buy from CD japan...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Imagine stumbling into a natural opossum or skunk-hair brush LOL! Hope not! ^.^"

I guess I'm trying to get over my obsession with brow brushes. The baby taking up all my time definitely helps. If you're looking at Chikuhodo, I'd recommend the Z6 because it's wider. That or the Artist 6-4. I love both!


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