Thursday, June 15, 2017

Addiction Brush

When I first visited the Addiction counter at the Ginza Mitsukoshi for the Pressed Duo Eyebrow, the gal there offered me this wide Eye Brow Brush. I didn't take the bait. At the time, I didn't know wide eye brow brushes would soon become a fixture in my daily makeup routine.

Addiction Eye Brow Brush (far left) and Chikuhodo BP-8, E-2 Large Eye Brow, and Z-6. Will review these later once I've had a good trial. 

It wasn't until the late spring of 2016 that I grew an obsession with wide eye brow brushes, starting with the Chikuhodo Artist 6-4. Either way, before moving home from Tokyo I was determined to pick up a few more. So I returned to the Addiction counter for this beauty. The wide ones are pretty rare to begin with and not every brand offers one, so I told myself I'd buy one when I see one.

- Eye Brow Brush Badger, 3,500JPY: wow, yet another instance that makes I wonder whether badger and water badger are the same animal. This brush feels more like the Artist 6-4, velvety and much softer than the Chikuhodo T9! After washing, the hair stays in shape and doesn't flare out the side like the T9. Even though the T9 still does its job, it's pretty pokey and rough and I much prefer both Addiction and Artist 6-4 over it. So there, if you're in the market for a wide eye brow brush and want a longer black handle, I'd recommend Addiction. If you want a shorter handle, I'd recommend the Artist 6-4.

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