Thursday, July 6, 2017

Eihodo Brushes

I first came across Eihodo brushes at the Marunouchi Reading Style shop on 4th floor of the Kitte Building across the street from Tokyo Station. At first I was startled--many Eihodo brushes bore striking resemblance to Chikuhodo brushes, from the handle to the shape to the hair even, much so I was confused whether one makes brushes for the other. I didn't buy any at the time, but then I discovered CDJapan carries this brand (not affiliated!) and I had too many points that were expiring, so I made good use of them ^.^

Here are WP Series LQ-2, S-2, S-3, S-5, and a SWS2-300R Makeup Brush Guard in 02 Red Red that was included as GWP.

These WP Series brushes are comparable to Chikuhodo G Series and are really quite nice! I'm so glad I didn't pay premium price for them though, mostly thanks to the CDJapan points. But even without the points I still think they're more reasonably priced and are of slightly better quality than Chikuhodo. Eihodo is more obscure a brand is all.

I was only able to use these new brushes several times before the little one came along. But I'm looking forward to using them again once the baby settle into some sort of routine, which means I'll have more time to myself.

- WP LQ-2 Goat, 4,000yen: this is a small foundation brush but I really only use it for liquid, gel, and cream blushes. Once upon a time I did fancy myself some bb creams and these were great to dab on and blend the stuff. However, since moving to hot and humid Japan and back, add in a baby and I just can't be bothered anymore. I ended up giving away all my bb creams because it'd be a shame if they expired untouched.

Nowadays, I'll consider myself lucky if I got some sunscreen on at all, and any sunscreen powder on top of that is bonus. If I hit the jackpot, I'll even get to swipe on some blushes. Right now, my only indulgence is lipsticks and mommy-balms, and I have a huge stash of them and a ton of lippie posts to prove it! Speaking of sunscreen powder, I just picked up a couple of Koh Gen Do My Fancy UV Face Powder SPF50+ PA++++. My fancy indeed, as in I'm not sure when I'll actually get to use them. Ha.

- WP S-2 Gray Squirrel, 3,300yen: super soft eye brush for lay down, best for shimmery lid washes since squirrel hair won't pack on too much sparkles like goat hair will.

- WP S-3 Sokoho, 2,000yen: I love this tapered brush tip. The goat hair picks up a good dose of color so I use this to smudge medium crease shades along the lash lines.

- WP S-5 Gray Squirrel, 2,900yen: another brush I use to deposit medium shades on the lid below the crease. Squirrel hair means more control though not quite goof-proof.

- SWS2-300R Makeup Brush Guard 02 Red Red, 300yen: this is made of artificial suede leather so I don't have to worry about the suede smell transferring onto the brush head. It's a pretty nice thing to have, though not necessary in my case since I already use brush rolls for long-term storage. Yes, storing brushes in brush rolls for a long time will misshape the hair, which is why before use I stand them in my brush stands for a couple of weeks for the hair to "bounce back."

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