Monday, May 4, 2015

Storage for Makeup Brushes Part II

I've posted about my custom makeup brush stands, so this post is dedicated to the makeup brush rolls I use for travels. These lovelies are handmade by May Ling of EJCDezines (not affiliated!), from Melbourne, Australia.

I browsed through hundreds of different Etsy shops that made fabric brush rolls and fell in love with May Ling's fabrics and simple designs. I especially love that many of her fabrics are textured and quite thick. And plus she lined these rolls so padding was unnecessary. May Ling was very patient when working with my requests for different size pockets, because...Koyudo fu-pas ^.^ Do check out her shop if you're interested. I might have to get a couple more rolls myself as my brush collection have grown!

These turquoise and mauve ones have narrow but deeper pockets for the smaller eye shadow brushes. As you can see, they fit from Hakuhodo's longer handle brushes to Koyudo's mid length ones to Chikuhodo's short handle Artist and G Series brushes.

Turquoise with slate gray lining.

Mauve with charcoal lining.

The two below have wider pockets for big powder brushes. This one is gold with beige lining.

Gold with ivory lining. This roll has much shallower depth for the chubbies ^.^

I have to double fold the top flap because the chubbies are so short LOL!

Unbeknownst to me, May Ling also threw in a freebie in the form of this gorgeous lipstick roll!

See my previous Storage for Makeup Brushes post.

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