Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ettusais Heart Cheek Color

Last of this Ettusais purchase are these Heart Cheek Colors in AP (Apricot) and PK (Pink). I mean, how can anyone resist these cuties?

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I do wish they put the heart prints from the Heart Face Color compacts on these Cheek Color compacts too! I mean, the outer packaging has them (above left), so why not the actual compacts? Either way, these blushes are softer than the Rose Cheek Color, although still not as silky as the 2012 versions. Pigmentation is good, but once blended with the highlighter the color becomes rather light, just like the 2012 version. I wouldn't be surprised if these turn out to be mere highlighters for some people, though they do show up pretty well on me.

- AP (Apricot): a combination of shimmery ivory, shimmery peach, and satiny apricot with a touch of coral. I can't swatch them separately save for the biggest heart, so I just swirled over the whole pan to get a healthy glowy peach.

- PK (Pink): a combination of shimmery pink tinted white, shimmery warm pastel pink, and satiny medium rosy pink. These blend together for a glowy fresh pink. 

Rose Cheek Color (left two) and Heart Cheek Colors (right two).

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