Sunday, May 24, 2015

Victoria's Secret Chic Cheek Cream Blush

These Victoria's Secret Chic Cheek Cream Blush came out the fall of 2013 and I found some on sale right before hubby and I left San Francisco so I snatched them up ^.^ I only saw 2 colors, Mon Amour and Pretty in Paris, so I'm not sure how many other colors there are.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These cream blushes are in nice clear compacts, pretty much identical to Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Matte Gloss. There's a mild scent that dissipate quickly which I don't mind.

However, I'm sad to say these are complete utter crap. I was swirling my fingertip around the surface to get some for the swatch and I noticed the cream blush was shifting around with my finger! How is that possible?! The formula was so so so waxy it was exceedingly difficult to pick up any product at all with my [clean] finger, much less any color. And being waxiness made me think they would feel okay on the lips, but nope, all I got was this slippery silicone-y slick that was icky and drying. And did you see the swatches below? Sad, isn't it? You can sort of tell that the swatches are patchy, especially with the Mon Amour swatch (top left), because the waxy cream was shifting around on the back of my hand as well. Argh! Guess where these went? Yup, my trash bin.

Mon Amour: a medium pink in the pot but turned a brighter hot pink on me, that was, the little bit I got to show up after almost digging my finger into the compact.

Pretty in Paris: looks a coral in the photos but is more of a petal pink in real life and watched a barely visible pink.

Mon Amour and Pretty in Paris.

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